Designing the Perfect Logo for Your Business

Sept 11th, 2014 - Erika White

Whether you’re starting a new business or refreshing your company’s look, you need a logo that establishes your brand’s identity. A logo is your brand’s official identifying mark - from color schemes to typography, a logo should be a positive and recognizable symbol of your products and services.

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A well-designed logo can give you the following benefits:

  • Strengthen your image
  • Build loyalty between your business and customers
  • Provide a clean and professional look of an established brand
  • Show your clients that you value quality and excellence

What makes a good logo design?

Keep it Simple

Your logo will appear on a number of your marketing materials: website, social media profiles, business card, brochures, posters, apps, etc. Thus, it should definitely look good on every media platform. The simpler the design of your logo is, the more likely it will adapt to all environments. If your logo is too complex, it will conflict with its backdrop. Keeping your logo simple is a great approach when it comes to logo design.

Know Your Color

What is the message that you want your brand to convey? Marketing studies suggest that colors convey subtle messages about your company to customers. Take the time to understand the psychology of colors and apply these concepts to your logo design accordingly. Colors play a big role in the way your brand is perceived. Keep in mind that incorporating too many colors into your logo will directly go against the suggestion above, which is keeping the design simple. Too many colors in your logo will also make it significantly more expensive to print.

Understand Your Brand

Your logo is who you are as a company, and it must be designed with your company's culture in mind. To understand your brand more deeply, try the following tactics and considerations that will help you create an appropriate logo:

  • Write a single sentence mission statement about your brand and direct your logo design efforts around it
  • Know who your typical clients are and what kind of aesthetics they will be drawn to
  • Examine the branding strategies of your main competitors

Logo design is a marketing strategy that takes time and a lot of research. But with a little thought and creativity, it can visually express your company's positive attributes. If you want to create a new logo or revamp your current one, don't hesitate to contact us here at Supergroup. We offer affordable yet professional logo design services in Austin.

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